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Onsite Technical Support

Whenever you are up against an IT issue, whether be it a system outage or a workstation not starting up you can call AHB IT Solutions for a reliable and prompt service. AHB IT Solutions offers onsite technical assistance and computer repair as part of our managed services plans.  With AHB IT Solutions onsite technical support, you can be confident that a qualified, experienced IT service professional will arrive at your office premises to resolve the issue quickly and promptly when needed.

Our onsite technical support engineers can help you with:

  • Boot issues
  • Software installations
  • Hardware installations
  • Hardware repairs
  • File recovery
  • Network issues
  • Blue screens

Remote Technical Support

There will probably be situations when awaiting a tech support person is not practical, or it miaght not be necessary to pay for a technician to be onsite. For those occasions, AHB IT Solutions offers you remote technical support and helpdesk support, which are less expensive compared to onsite technical support.

Remote technical support service provides for most responsive IT system support and service, making IT assistance available to our fingertips. Using our  remote assistance option, we will use a secure system that enables our technicians to gain access to your IT infrastructure, troubleshoot problems, and be able to either take care of it while you're on the phone or provide you with the step-by-step instructions to solve the problem. Almost all software and operating-system problems are usually fixed by a support technician using remote access to your system. Regardless of what kind of remote support you select, you can be assured knowing that a trusted AHB IT Solutions expert will get your computer ready to go as soon as possible.

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