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Remote Management Services

AHB IT Solutions managed servicesTake action before IT breaks.

If anything goes wrong with your IT infrastructure, your business will come to a grinding halt if not shut down. By having a typical "fix it when it is broken" maintenance contract, you will have to wait for something to break before it can get fixed by your IT service provider. This makes good sense – although it can potentially lead to many hours of down time. But what if you could avoid your IT system from breaking in the first place?

Managed IT Services from AHB IT Solutions means that all aspects of your IT requirements are taken care of at all times – therefore rather than stressing about technology, you'll be able to focus on running your business. AHB IT Solutions offer extensive server and workstation support plans which will fit your IT needs.

Following are some of the essential components that form part of AHB IT Solutions managed IT services:

  • Remote data backup and disaster recovery
  • Off-site/Remote network monitoring and help desk
  • Remote server and workstation management
  • Managed security services
  • Predictable monthly cost

AHB IT Solutions managed services will ensure that you get a more efficient infrastructure and predictable costs. This means you will get more value out of your system, while lowering the total IT spending problems that results in  outages.

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